Welcome to Minitube AB, a world-leading manufacturer of cash handling products.
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Minitube has an ambitous environmental programme, through which we also hope to influence our suppliers, our employees and our customers.

Although we are a relatively small company with limited resources, we believe we can still make a positive contribution to our society by our daily choices.

Product design, matrials and production

We try to design our products to minimize use of materials, and we design our production method to mimimize waste. All our scrap are either re-used in the factory or sent for recycling.

To the extent possible, we only source paper products from FSC-cretified, PEFC-certified, and/or EU-flower certified suppliers. This means that our suppliers promote a responsible, environmentally friendly and sustainable use of the world’s forests.

All our products can be recycled.

We use energy from renewable sources, mainly from hydropower in northern Sweden. We reuse energy from our machinery to heat our factory.

Use of chemicals

We do not use any restricted or harmful substances in our products, and we try to minimize the use of any chemicals whatsoever. All our printing ink is water soluble, and cleaned or recycled after use. We do not spread any chemical substances or waste.

  • We do not use PVC or vinyl in our products.
  • Our suppliers comply with REACH.

Packaging and logistics

We aim to avoid any unneccesary packagin, including packaging from our suppliers. The packaging form our suppliers is recycled.

We try to deisgn our products and pckaiging to minimize space and weight. We try to coordinate shipments to minimise use of trucks. If possible we ship by train or boat.

Employment and safety

We do not employ child labour, nor do our suppliers. We follow all applicable laws and regulations, including labour laws and environmental laws. We have an extensive safety policy and awareness, and all our employees are treated equally and with respect.