Welcome to Minitube AB, we manufacture high quality marking products.
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Minitube flagging tape - marking the right way!

Minitube is a leading manufacturer of flagging tape and other marking products
with quality and the environment in mind.

Own manufacturing


All our flagging tape are manufactured in our factory in Swedish Jämtland. We control the entire manufacturing process.

Wide assortment


We have an enormous range of flagging tape. And we can tailor make anything we don’t have.

Top quality


With over 20 years experience, we believe we have the best production process, the best materials and the most skilled staff.

What we offer


Assortment and tailoring

We have the bands you need. Or we create them.

Packaging and delivery

Everything about our packaging and delivery of your products.

Materials and the environment

Everything you need to know about different materials, functionality and our efforts for the environment.

How do you select the right flagging tape? Read our 10 quick and clever tips

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If you want to know more


Flagging instruction

Receive Minitube’s flagging instruction for free, in your inbox! (only available in Swedish)

Flagging instruction


What’s happening in our factory

We will soon release our reflective flagging tape! Our engineers have been working effortlessly to create machinery to apply reflective material on all flagging tape, even in multi colour and with logo.


Order samples

We will send you samples directly from the factory.

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Our flagging tape are used everywhere

We have customers in all areas of society, such as: forest companies, rescue services and police, sports and tournaments, construction, events and marketing, etc. Contact us for more information!

From Jämtland to the world


Minitube AB is a world leading manufacturer of disposable single-use products in paper, plastic and non-woven. We market and sell our products to several industries and uses. We are a truly global company with customers in all continents. Minitube was founded in 1977 and today we have factories in Sweden and USA. The company is still privately held.

We have wide knowledge about the needs and requirements of our end users, and we invest significant resources in R&D.

  • Minitube is the leading manufacturer of flagging tape in Europe
  • Our products are manufactured in Trångsviken, Sweden, since 1977
  • We focus on quality, product development and the environment
  • We happily tailor make our products for your needs