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Top 10 when selecting flagging tape

There and several factors to consider when you select the best flagging tape for your needs. Below is our top 10 suggestions to consider for the best band for you. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs!

  1. Material

    Most of our bands are manufactured in environmentally and biodegradeable non-woven, with cellulose fibers. We also use environmentally friendly and recyclable plastic, polyethylene. We do not use the hazardous material vinyl, also called PVC, in our products.

  2. Tear strength

    How strong does the band need to be? We use several different types of material in different thicknesses and with different characteristics. Some bands should only be applied for a short period of time, others for several years. Our strongest bands are used by rescue services and police, these are very difficult to tear apart by hand. Keep in mind that the tear strength is different in the direction of the band versus sideways.

  3. Compatibility with the pulp process

    Many of our users are forestry companies, and for them it is a crucial consideration whether thre is a risk that the band will follow a tree into the pulp process. Some of our non-woven bands are tested and approved for the pulp process, but many are not compatible.

  4. Color fastness

    Some colors will withstand forces of nature better than others, and the choice of color and printing method will depend on the use of the band, for example requirements on durability or the climate where the band is used. Keep in mind that bands that are used in snowy and icy conditions preferably have a shiny surface to avoid snow and ice to stick to the band.

  5. Color

    We manufacture bands with one or several colors in many combinations.

  6. Print

    We can print text or logo on all bands, even with several colors. And we can print on both sides of the band, of course.

  7. Reflective spots

    One of the latest engineering developments at Minitube is the application of reflective spots on the band. We can apply the spots on both sides of the band, and coordinate with other writing such as logo or text. This feature will be available for order soon. We are also developing fluorescent bands.

  8. Length and width

    In our machines we can manufacture rolls of different width and length. The most common widths are 20 mm, 30 mm and 70 mm. The maximum length will depend on the type of material, but usually our standard rolls of non-woven are 65-75 meters and our standard polyethylene rolls are up to 500 meters.

  9. Packaging

    Vi usually package our rolls in brown corrugated boxes, with 64-100 rolls in each box. We place the boxes on wooden pallets. We place a label on each box with article, number of rolls and an illustration of any colors and print. We can specialize packaging for your needs, including EAN-codes, special labels on each rolls, etc.

  10. Price

    The price of a roll of flagging tape will depend on many factors, such as type of material, size of the roll, print, and other specialization. The price will also depend on the size of the order (normally the minimum order is 256 rolls). In any case we are confident we deliver the best quality at the best price. Contact us for further information.