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Easier than ever to use our flagging tape

Our own flagging instruction

As part of our effort to provide wide solutions for our customers, we have developed a flagging instruction, to be used when working in the forest.

Many of our flaggin tape are used in the forest, where different tape means different things. Some will define outer perimeters, some placement of wood and some special interests. Many forestry companies have their own flagging instructions, but all instructions are not the same. It is important to establish what each band means on each property.

At Minitube we have developed a standardized, but customizable, flagging instruction. We have proposed meaning for standard tape. You can adjust for your needs, and you may share it with your staff but not in any other commercial purpose. Please also note that Minitube will not take responsibility for the use or application of the instructions.

Feel free to suggest improvements to our flagging instruction!

Fill our your details below and the flagging instruction will be emailed to you automatically.

Please note: the flagging instruction is currently only available in Swedish.