Welcome to Minitube AB, a world-leading manufacturer of single-use products.

For dentists

Minitube has developed a range of products for dentists, made according to the highest quality standards with focus on comfort and patient-safety.

Our unique single-use barriers are based on materials with special characteristics. Our products are penetration-safe while being soft and comfortable for the patient.

Sensor covers

Our range of sensor covers are made to fit most sensors in the market, in sizes 0, 1 and 2. They are deisgned to be used with different types of sensor holders, and the come in different lengths. We also customize sensor covers for your needs.

We have also developed PSP covers without the use of PVC or latex. Our PSP covers are easy to seal and to open.

Intra-oral camera sheaths

Intra-oral camera sheaths are designed to provide a tight fit with the camera while ensuring a clear picture. The sheaths contain technologically advanced materials for easy insertion of the camera, and are available in different shapes for each camera on the market. Minitube’s intra-oral camera sheaths ensure high quality images and minimizes distortion.

The intra-oral camera sheath protects your equipment and reduces the need for using harmful disinfectants on the camera. The sheath is protected by an outer cover, which protects the sheath from contamination.

The intra-oral camera sheaths are single-use only, non-sterile and recyclable. We only use latex-free materials.