Welcome to Minitube AB, a world-leading manufacturer of single-use products.

For hospitals

At Minitube we have a long experience from manufacturing single-use barriers for hospitals and clinincs.

In the 1970’s we developed the thermometer sheath. Out sheath is unique in that it not only contains an inner sheath covering the thermometer, but it also has an outer cover, where the thermometer can be inserted after the temperature has been measured. Bth covers can be disposed without exposing the medical professional of cross-contamination. Please refer to our Instructions for Use for further details.

Our thermometer covers exist in many shapes and sizes, in several types of packaging and with and without ointment for rectal use. We can customize size and packaging.

Over the years we have also developed products for vaginal ultrasound as well as endoscope sheaths. Please refer to our product catalogue or contact us for more details.