Welcome to Minitube AB, a world-leading manufacturer of single-use products.

Quality, safety and patient comfort

Quality and patient safety is in our DNA. We have over 30 years experience in the design and manufacturing of single-use barriers. Our quality control systems have evolved to ensure consistent quality output.

When we design our products we start with the patient in mind. We use materials that are soft and comfortable, while providing the best protection for cross-contamination.

Next, we design our products for the health care professional. The products should be easy to use, with clear instructions and intuitive packaging. Our unique thermometer cover Tempasept has a dual-function, where the used thermometer sheaths can be reinserted in an outer cover to protect the heath care professional from cross contamination.

Finally we design the products and our manufacturing equipment to minimize production exposure and ensure a consistent output. Our quality controls are rigorous, with at least two quality operators performing quality checks. Before product is released, each batch is approved by our Production Manager.

For each health care product we produce, we have an extensive ”Design Dossier” containing design, material, and technical specifications and information. The Dossier also contains a summary of our quality management system. The Dossier may be shared with specific customers upon approval.

We use all of our more than 30 years experience to design and produce products of the highest quality, always with the safety and comfort of the patient and health care professional in mind.

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