Welcome to Minitube AB, a world-leading manufacturer of single-use products.

R&D capabilities

Minitube’s engineers are very busy. In addition to designing specific product solutions for our customers, they also develop new products and design and build new production machinery.

We can tailor-make almost any type of single-use infection control barrier. We enjoy working with customers with specific needs of product design, special uses or fit with other medical equipment. We discuss the use and need of the product, design drawings, make samples and specify production method, materials and quality control. We develop process validation documentation and handle production quality control and dosumentation.

We also develop and innovate new products. We focus on using materials that provide the highest infection control combined with the best patient comfort. We design clever features that solve problems or minimize material use, and we construct production methods which are fficient and safe.

Finally we design and build our own production machinery. Our production lines are designed to be efficient and safe, while also being flexible. We use our knowledge of production when we design new products, and vice-versa.

In all, we are very proud of our engineers and our R&D and design capabilities. Please contact us for more information.